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ABC's New Show 'Black-ish' Set To Premiere Tonight!

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Black ish PosterOn Wednesday September 24 ABC is premiering Black-ish at 9:30/ 8:30 EST, following Modern Family. Black-ish is a family comedy that is centered around a black family. “It’s not a show were the family happens to be black, they are a black family”, said Black-ish creator Kenya Barris.

The family consist of two parents, four children and a grandfather. The parents Andre and Rainbow Johnson, played by Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross struggle to excel professionally while raising four children to not only be aware of their culture but to be proud of it. The children are typical upper middle class kids.They are a melting pot of the culture and don’t necessarily see a problem with “fitting in”. That’s where Laurence Fishburne’s, ‘Pops’ character, comes in. Pops takes a funny, laid back stance on sharing his life experiences to help not only the children but his son Andre with is marriage, mainly decoding while keeping his wife happy.

Overall, the show explores the challenges of raising a family in the upper middle class where they are the only representation of African Americans.

Black-ish is slated to be the modern day Cosby Show but only time will tell. They have the best possible time slot and have had the promotional push to helpfully keep the show on the air. Tune in to see what the buzz is about.

Black-ish premieres tonight on ABC at 9:30PM (EST).

By Jere Kirkland

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