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Billy Sorrells & Marcus King Launch New Web Series Titled 'Classy Ladies'!

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Billy SorrellsLOS ANGELES – Both with staggering records of success, Marcus King and Billy Sorrells partner up to present a new webseries “Classy Ladies?” penned and co-created by industry newcomer Nsa Ntuk. The 3 way collaboration leverages over 14 Million view of Billy Sorrells’ character “Peaches” from “Shit Black Girls Say” and spins it into a scripted comedy series based in the fashion world. Billy Sorrells plays the wildly popular “Peaches” and also stars Nsa Ntuk as “Raquel” and Courtney Cameron as “Mona” the 3 women we follow on the journey to fashion success in an urban boutique. The series has been likened to Zoolander and an urban Sex in the City with a deep twist Ru Paul would surely approve of.

With over 200 hours of episodic television in syndication, executive producer and A-list manager Marcus King enters new territory on the web and makes his directorial debut in “Classy Ladies?” When asked about the series Marcus King say, “It’s exciting to change hats and direct. After working in every entertainment medium from Television, Film, Radio and producing live concerts, the web is the only uncharted territory for me. I am excited to take on this limitless terrain in a way no one has dared to do it yet. Also after working with comedians like Mark Curry, Cheryl Underwood, Mike Epps & Jaime Foxx, this gives me a chance to come back to my original discipline of comedy.”

Classy Ladies? is an uncommon comedy where we get to peek into PEACHES fabulous world of owning a boutique with the help of her 2 girls: MONA (Courtney Cameron) the innocent and faithful assistant and RAQUEL (Nsa Ntuk) her BFF from the neighborhood with an eye for sexy men. These three ladies navigate everything from secret crushes to heartbreak, and on the road to fame and fortune they face their arch nemesis JAQCUE (played by comedian Buddy Lewis), the flamboyant competition from down the street. Marcus King, Billy Sorrells, and Nsa Ntuk brings the world an edgy and campy new series “Classy Ladies?”

Check out the trailer below:

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  1. hallows man

    this was not funny. bill is hysterical dont get me wrong but the writing really sucked and seriously makes him look amature. I loved him in stuff black girls say and office code but this is a mess. smh. Please billy your better then this. There were only a few parts where I laughed and that was all Billy. That big amazon looking girl could not even act and that other girl was cute but didnt add anything to the skit. Sloppy messy and not a good look man.

  2. hallows

    Just to clarify. I am not talking about the preview for the show classy ladies. I wont just judge from watching that. I was excited to see billys new stuff and was really dissappointed after I watched it on youtube. Only parts that were funny were billy and the writing literally sucked compared to his other skits which were hella funny so i dont know what happened????

    It just looked sloppy and messy and that tall drunk girl could not act for anything and that cute girl was too meek to bring anything to the skit. You got to surround yourself with real actors to let your talent shine I think and they are not making the grade sorry but gotta be honest. Billy should get rid of those two and get a real writer and hire some dynamic actresses who are going to bring his best out instead of this sloppy sad mess i saw. smh.

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