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Blake Griffin Set To Guest-Star In Upcoming Episode Of Comedy Central’s ‘Broad City’!

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Catch Wednesday’s episode of Comedy Central’s Broad City, and you may spot a familiar face lounging in the back of a nightclub, sharply dressed in an all-black suit.

Who? In the words of Abbi Abrams: “That is Blake Gr-i-ffinHe plays for the N-B-A!”

Although the star forward has been absent for more than half of the Los Angeles Clippers’ 2015-2016 season, recovering from injury and now serving a four-game suspension, he’s still found a way to be productive—on camera, that is.

No. 32 will be making a cameo appearance as himself, following in the footsteps of well-known guest stars such as Hillary Clinton, TonyDanza, Susie Essman and Vanessa Williams in the show’s third season.

Check out this sample of his acting chops (warning: NSFW content).

Blake Griffin. Sidelined? Perhaps. Aromatic? Always. Idle? Never.

Source: The Bleacher Report

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