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The Breakfast Club Interviews D.L. Hughley And Jasmine Sanders

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D.L. Hughley & Jasmine Sanders stop by The Breakfast Club and leave no stone unturned. Many were surprised when DL spoke so openly and candidly about many things such as the following topics;
  • – Tells story of his side-baby
  • – Getting into radio
  • – His CNN political show
  • – Oprah’s Golden Globes speech and her call to run for office
  • – Telling jokes in this climate
  • – Have you said anything that you regretted
  • – His son hiring escort services
  • – #TimesUp movement
  • – Harvey Weinstein
  • – Ivanka Trump
  • – Reverse Racism
  • – The book “Fire And Fury
  • – America’s obsession with celebrity
  • – Why Bill Cosby didn’t like him
  • – Relationship with Steve Harvey
  • – Code of the comedians
  • – Why men view sexual abuse differently than women
  • – Charlie Murphy‘s funeral

See the interview below;

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