Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios To Film Biopic Of Sammy Davis Jr.!


We just discovered that Entertainment Studios, owned and operated by former comedian and CEO Byron Allen, is about to produce a biopic film of Sammy Davis, Jr. What makes this news even more amazing is that no one even saw this one coming despite Allen launching several channels for his new cable platform with Verizon VIOS and his nearly two dozen syndicated lifestyle and interview programs, including his own syndicated talk show Entertainers With Byron Allen.

According to Hitfix, it looks like he has been planning this for awhile. Here is the article;

Entertainment icon Sammy Davis Jr. is finally getting the big screen biopic treatment

Entertainment Studios is planning to tell the actor-singer’s life story on screen and on stage.

After getting his start in vaudeville, Davis found decades of success as an old-fashioned multi-talented entertainer. As a member of Frank Sinatra’s notorious “Rat Pack,” Davis appeared in a number of films, performed in Las Vegas and starred in “Mr. Wonderful” on Broadway in 1956. He became one of the first African-Americans to front a TV show, landing his own TV variety show in 1966. He was also a singer, scoring a campy ’70s hit with his version of “Candy Man” from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

Davis was also actively involved in the Civil Rights movement, but was later criticized for supporting President Richard Nixon in 1970.

He died in 1990.

“Sammy Davis Jr. was a phenomenal entertainer, icon, and American treasure whose inspirational story has to be told,” said Entertainment Studios’ Byron Allen.

Although details are scarce about the projects, Entertainment is working with Davis’ daughter, Tracey, to bring her father’s story to a new generation.

“On his deathbed, one of the last things my father told me as he put my face in his hands was: ‘Tracy, tell my story. Warts and all’,” said Tracey Davis. “Byron Allen, who knew and worked with my father, is the perfect producer to help my family and I achieve my father’s dying wish.”

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  1. Darryl Littleton

    This is great news for lovers of black history. Sammy is a very misunderstood figure. All of our icons deserve feature length bios and I hope it becomes another “Ray”

  2. Joe Wells

    Love the idea of telling Sammy’s story, but it should be Spike Lee or Tyler Perry telling the story and not this lemon cake!!

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