Capone Leads New Company Of 'Team Capone' Closer With New Production Company!

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CaponeSeveral weeks ago we told you about the new ventures from the comedian known as Capone (probably best known from The Shaq Comedy All Star Jam national tour), as we had heard he had just launched his own comedy company and partnered with two icons in the Hollywood industry, Shaquille O’Neal and Russell Simmons.

Well, now according to our sources, it seems that the new company, titled TEAM CAPONE, (that consists of several up-and-coming comedians) is moving one step closer to their goal of being a full fledged production company, as we hear that deals have been done recently in film and in television!

The new production company of Team Capone has already moved forward with building the production of a possible comedy film (full details are still unclear on if this is going to be a stand up feature film or not) but we do know that the ball is already rolling as Capone has begun recruiting for his team of comedians.  Our sources are stating that the recruitment is the first step of the plan to land a feature, and that O’Neal, Simmons and Capone are in the planning stages of something new to the comedy industry.

As we stated previously, the comedians who consist of the new Team Capone are Big AJ , Tyhem Commodore, Brandon, Out Law, Woo, LaRonn, Hitchflow , Idriss Alison-Konteh, Derrick Keenar, Burpie, and Top Flight.

Team Capone 1


Top photos: Tyhem Commodore , OutLaw, Le’Ronn Bottom Photo: AJ, Brandon, Derrick Hitch

Team 2

Top Photo:  Capone,  Top Flight Center photo: Derrick Kenner Bottom photo: Kenny Woo, Burpie

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  1. Bernadette Thomas

    S/O to #TeamCapone. Congratulations, with the New Production Company. All The Best.

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