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‘The Carmichael Show’ Comes Correct Concerning Cosby On New Episode!

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Once again tackling relevant topics, Carmichael did not disappoint last night on his episode entitled, Fallen Heroes. As relevant as ever, the Bill Cosby scandal was addressed with humor and insight on the various viewpoints that challenge you to consider, or perhaps reconsider, your stance on the matter.

The show begins with Carmichael attempting to surprise his girlfriend Maxine, played by Amber Stevens West. After she insists to know what the surprise is before even leaving the house, he reveals tickets to see Bill Cosby live in concert and she refuses to see the show because of the allegations against Cosby. Yet, when Carmichael reveals the tickets to his parents, Joe his father , played by David Allen Grier is ready for a great show, while Cynthia his mother played by Loretta Divine is conflicted by her desire to see the show in spite of the allegations.

As a Black male, Carmichael grew up respecting Cosby as somewhat of a hero, and this episode gives voice to the opinions of everyone else who did too. It is intriguing to watch a cast of 3 Black male comedians speaking about the scandal while showing dignity and expressing multiple views, coming to the conclusion that, “Once you know something – you can’t ‘unknow’ it. It is up to you to decide where you want to draw the line!”

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