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Chris Rock Lands In A New Independent Film!

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We just heard that comedian and actor Chris Rock is about to jump into a new film project as we hear that has joined the cast of Julie Delpy’s 2 Days In New York, which is scheduled to begin production in October.

We hear that it’s a sequel (of sorts) to Delpy’s 2007 indie flick, 2 Days In Paris, which she not only directed, but starred in, alongside Adam Goldbergh, as a young couple attempting to rekindle their relationship with a visit to Paris, where her parents live, and, by the way, several of her ex-boyfriends, who they run into frequently. After some miscues, and missteps, the comedy ensues!

In this sequel, Delpy brings the comedy (with a touch of dram) to Manhattan, and she will reprise her role as Marion, a Frenchwoman, living in the city, with her child (fathered by her now ex-lover, Adam Goldberg), and a new guy in her life, who we hear will be Chris Rock.

No word yet on a confirmation of this fact, but we do know that Rock is indeed in the film; that’s certain. We are just not for certain what the role would be, but our sources do tell us that its still not set in stone yet, but Rock is attached.

We will find out more on this film as the story develops.

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