Chris Rock Leads Praise After Michelle Obama’s Rousing Speech At The DNC!

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Chris Rock, Lady Gaga and Kerry Washington praised Michelle Obama after her impassioned speech on Monday night.

The First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday to deliver a powerful and emotional speech about her time in the White House, as well as backing candidate Hillary Clinton to take the mantel from her husband Barack Obama.

Michelle told the crowd, many of whom were waving placards revealing their support of the First Lady, that the election of first African-American president in Obama and potentially the first female president in Hillary indicates the progress the country is making.

“The story of generations of people who have felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation but who kept on striving and doing what needed to be done so that today I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves and I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black young women, playing with their dogs on the White House lawn,” she said.
“(Hillary) has the grace and the guts to keep coming back and put cracks in that highest and hardest glass ceiling until she finally breaks through, lifting all of us with her. That is the story of this country. The story that has brought me to this stage tonight.”
Following the speech, which moved many of the audience to tears, stars were quick to take to social media to reveal their thoughts.

Among the first to post was Michelle’s husband, who wrote: “Incredible speech by an incredible woman. Couldn’t be more proud & our country has been blessed to have her as FLOTUS. I love you, Michelle.”
Chris Rock mentioned the scandal surrounding Republican Party nominee Donald Trump’s wife Melania recently using several sections of one of Michelle’s former speeches for her own last week, writing: “Michelle Obama gave an epic speech at Monday’s DNC. If you missed it, catch Melania Trump deliver it next week. #DemsInPhilly.”

The comedian added: “Michelle Obama makes me want to be a better man. #DemsInPhilly. There should be no speakers AFTER Michelle Obama. That was Martin Luther Kingesque. #DemsInPhilly.”
Lady Gaga chose to use a snippet from the speech, writing: “‘As my daughters prepare to set out into the world… I want a leader who will be guided by love and hope and impossibly big dreams.’ – Our First Lady Michelle Obama #StrongerTogether #DemsInPhilly.”
Scandal star Kerry Washington did the same, tweeting: “WHEN THEY GO LOW, WE GO HIGH. @FLOTUS #DNCinPHL #DemsInPhilly.”

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