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Comedian Eddie Griffin Blasts TMZ For Drink Throwing Incident!

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Over the weekend, comedian Eddie Griffin was caught on stage throwing a drink back at an audience member who threw a drink on him first. The notorious news website TMZ got some footage of the incident and posted the video about it, and it ended up getting Griffin very upset.

Check out what he posted on his Facebook page and beware of the profanity;

These TMZ bitches said I assaulted a “WOMAN” at my show in cali. I don’t know what kind of eyes these mutha fuckas got but that dyke bitch threw a glass of whatever she was drinkin’ in my face. All over a joke about dyke bitches! Now TMZ be careful with your choice of words, I didn’t ASSAULT a goddamn thing! if I had a nigga would be locked the fuck up. As usual, media doing sensationalism instead of journalism. Ya’ll better retract your story before i sue ya’ll bitch asses for defirmation of character!…or…rather what you really do…character assassination!!! You parasitic mutha Fuckas!!!..TMZ these nuts bitch!!!

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  1. Stevie Mack

    LOL… he said “TMZ these nuts”
    Tackle Manhandle and Zap? Nah, I think he meant Tickle and Manipulate with Zest!

  2. al

    Who can we turn to when TMZ gets it wrong? I mean
    How could TMZ say that Brotha Eddie Griffin of all people, We’re talkin Eddie “Motha-Uckin Griffin
    How can he be accused by TMZ as having assaulted a dykey dyke who was a dyke when she entered the club? but did TMZ report this properly? No!! so now we’re stuck with a dyke and a drink, two powerful entities that were meant to cross paths. However the liquid inside the glass is the real assailant but just as you guessed it TMZ blames the black guy and manages to get the drink splatter from the dyke meant for Griffin or Black Guy in his eyes. I hope I was able to piece meal this for all of you.


    1st to my homie Eddie, i got nuttin but Luv for a Bruvah standing up for themsleves like ou do, and 2nd ignorance has finally made its way to the one place we go to LAUGH AT THE IGNORANCE OUT THIS F–KED UP WORLD,and because most of these True the Art of Comedy Comedians make more than the security and authorities thats suppose to protect them, they are now the new target for no protection like the Rappers….SAD BUT TRU…YO GRIFF KEEP EM LAUGHING..C YOU IN A MINUTE MY DUDE..

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