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Comedian And Host Loni Love Wants A Late Night Show! #LoniLove #TheReal #HumorMillMag #Comedy

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Loni Love has her eyes on the prize! The comedian and ‘The Real’ talk show host, who also happens to have an engineering degree from Prairie View A&M University, has her eyes set on growing her brand. As for what’s up next career-wise, she shares:

I’m trying to keep tackling hosting. In daytime, women have always traditionally hosted. But in late-night, it’s always been a challenge. I want to tackle a late-night gig. And I kind of have to toot my own horn — I don’t care what she says — I helped Chelsea [Handler] with her show. [laughs] But she encouraged me because when we did “Chelsea Lately,” we did seven seasons of that show and started out with guests from like “Survivor 15,” but she worked herself up. That’s where I’m going next, tackling late-night in the prime-time space.

She also has the perfect advice for black women in comedy.

Take all opportunities. Don’t think anything is beneath you. Everybody ain’t gonna be Beyonce, and it took her a while to become Beyonce. She was in many groups first and then she became Beyonce. And show up. That’s 80% of the job. No opportunity is too small, especially in this industry. You don’t know who’s going to see it.


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