Comedian James Davis Lands Writing Gig For 'In Living Color' As Pre-Production Begins!

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We have just discovered that comedian, writer,  and impersonator James Davis (probably best known for his Barak Obama impersonations and his Baracka Flacka Flames video titled “Head of the State” that has taken over the internet and has been viewed over 1 million times, and is a spoof of the bombastic “Hard in Da Paint,” the hit by the Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame ) has just joined the new show In Living Color as one of the writers for the show.

We hear that the new show that will air on the FOX network, with Keenen Ivory Wayans on board and will begin pre-production this week as all of the writers will assemble to begin working on the show. We will know who the rest of the writers and the cast will be shortly.

We will also have information on when the show will actually air as the show dates have moved several times.

Stay tuned here for more info!

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  1. ricky

    So exiting! after them suck ass golden globes last night and snl saturday night it will be a relief for them to show em’ how it’s done!

  2. Carl,I

    The guy is funny. Surprised they have him as writer and not as on air talent.

  3. BinJamin6000

    I hope they don’t decide to cancel it at the last minute!

  4. Smally2012

    When are they going to annouce the Cast??

  5. Bonzaikitty

    Keenan is trying to put on the best show on earth ain’t he?

  6. My AdIdAz~

    Saw a youtube vid of this guy…..he’s funny!

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