Comedian Nema Williams To Star In New Dramatic Role In New Film Titled 'Fingerprints'!

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We just discovered the news that comedian Nema Williams has landed a starring role in an independent film titled Fingerprints, which is  written, directed, and produced by Robyn Charles. According to our sources, Charles, a recent UCLA Film School graduate, is prepping this film for the festival circuit.

The new film also stars up and coming talent; actors Donzaleigh Abenathy and Chryslee Pharris are both on board and we hear give some spectacular performances. Our sources say this film is a film to look out for because of all of the performances, and several of our industry friends think it will win several awards during the festival run.

Anyway, if you are curious about what the film is about, we hear that it deals with an up-and-coming wanna-be comedian who is a little bit crazy. Williams, who plays the comedian, is always on the defense about everything and his dark side emerges in the film which leads him into madness.

From this film trailer below, this film looks more like a heavy drama than a comedy, but we will see.

Take a look at the trailer below:

For more info on the film please visit www.fingerprintsthefilm.com

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  1. Willie Brown

    Go Nema Williams and Chrystee Pharrish two of my favorite people!

  2. Nikki

    I am very happy to see Nema

    • Nikki

      What I was trying to say is,I’m very happy to see Nema doing his thing. He’s not only a funny guy, but also a really awesome dude.
      Godspeed Nema! Oh yeah everyone else too! Looks good.

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