Damon Wayans Launches New Innovative App!

Published On January 30, 2014 » 2430 Views» Comedy News
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According to Marlon Wayans’ Twitter page, big brother Damon Wayans has created an app, Diddeo, that allows users to make their very own music video using music from their phone.

The app is very easy to use. Jjust add your name, select an avatar and the app will walk you through to choose a music selection from you library, then all that’s left is to record your video. Save it and share with friends on YouTube, email or nearby devices using blue tooth connection. Simple and easy. So grab your iPhone’s and get creative!

The fun app is only available in the Apple app store and it’s free.

(Source: Rolling Out)

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0 Responses to Damon Wayans Launches New Innovative App!

  1. Topo Z. says:

    I disagree I think the sows funniest episodes were the ones with the Wayans

  2. Gogeph says:

    Tommy keeping it 100%

  3. Zach says:

    I think everybody shined as much as they could on that show what’s he talking about..the women on that show were some of the funniest women (and under rated) in sketch comedy history. SCTV had katherine o’hara and that older woman. Snl had Gilda Radner and Tina Fey. Mad tv had Debra Wilson and the Miss Swan Lady and In Living Color had Kim Wayans and T’keyah Keymah all those woman could hang with the boys but because they are women they don’t get love. Kenan gave all those ladies time

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