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Damon Wayans Talks About Dave Chappelle, Michael Jordan, Eddie Murphy And More!

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Damon Wayans will be performing his standup act at Carolines on Broadway from (tonight) December 18th through December 21st, so he stopped by the Allstate Studio Thursday to pay Boomer and Craig a visit.
After saying hello, the 54-year-old Wayans explained that he was tea-bagging in order to take off the edge due to lack of sleep, which makes perfect sense.

He talked with the guys about his sneakers, his club foot and the lack of athletic ability among the Wayans brothers to get things started.

We heard about his relationship with Michael Jordan, his admiration for Dave Chappelle and of course, ‘In Living Color’ was discussed, as Wayans recalled crossing paths with a young Jennifer Lopez, whom he described as ‘fat back then’ as well as driven.

In conclusion, Wayans talked about the likelihood of his buddy Eddie Murphy doing a third comedy special, shot down the idea of playing Captain America and despite being ‘unathletic,’ claimed to be able to bench a pretty healthy amount of weight…

Source: CBS

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