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Dave Chappelle Recalls Helping LeBron James Do Stand-Up Comedy

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Dave Chappelle connected with late night television viewers during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, March 21, and among the more interesting tidbits covered was NBA star LeBron James’ comedy chops.

Kimmel inquired into one of the highlights of Chappelle’s career going down when his home state Cleveland Cavaliers team once showed up at a show he was doing in L.A. Chappelle recalls LeBron and the gang towering over everyone in the space as they entered, and even being blessed to have the 3-time champion join him on stage. According to the 43-year-old comedian, who has met some of the most popular athletes throughout his 27 years in the entertainment industry, James didn’t fail to impress.

“It was dope though man, LeBron got on stage with me and did a few comedy bits. He was funny dude,” Dave said. Kimmel dug a bit deeper to get a sense of exactly how gifted the basketball great might be at stand-up, asking whether he carried his own weight throughout the entirety of his time on stage. “I made some assists,” responded Dave.

Source: Vlad TV

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