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On This Day In Comedy… In 1964 Comedic Actor Miguel Nunez, Jr. Was Born!



On this day in comedy in 1964 comedic actor, Miguel A. Nunez, Jr. was born in New York City, NY!

Nunez started out in show business as a jock.  He was Jock #2 in National Lampoon’s Joy of Sex to be exact.   That was 1984 and he’s been in the game ever since.    Be it film, television or behind the scenes, Nunez works.   He’s played demons, thugs, street toughs, a man with a broken nose, squad leaders, scientists, principals, a prison inmate and a cross-dressing baller as examples.  

His credits span over four decades.  Most might remember him from his scene-stealing movie characters in Life, All Lies on Me, Harlem Nights, Diamond Dawgs or his starring role in Juwanna Mann.  He was first noticed on television as Marcus Taylor on the CBS series, Tour of Duty.   Other TV work included My Wildest Dreams, Sparks and Joey.   Nunez has also put in time as executive producer for School Dance, the Nick Cannon scripted comedy-drama musical.

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton

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