On This Day In Comedy… In 2000 ‘Next Friday’ Was Released By New Line Cinema!



On this day in comedy on January 12, 2000 Next Friday was released by New Line Cinema.

This sequel to the smash 1995 hit, Friday picks up where the original left off.   Craig, played by Ice Cube had just defeated the bully on the block, Deebo (Tiny Lister, Jr.) in a street fight.  Deebo is arrested, but as he’s about to be released word gets out that he’s going to come after Craig.   So, his father, Willie (John Witherspoon) relocates Craig to live with his ‘rich’ uncle and family away from the hustle and bustle of South Central – Rancho Cucamonga.  There, life is initially cool for Craig, kicking it with his cousin, Day-Day (Mike Epps), but reality soon kicks in when Craig discovers his lottery winning relatives are broke by way of taxes to pay.

There’s other trouble in the form of neighbors – the Jokers.   They turn out to be drug dealers, who Craig turns out to rob of some of their money and is marked.   Day-Day loses his job thanks to Craig’s involvement in his business.   Lives are threatened at gunpoint because Craig poked his nose where it didn’t belong.   If it wasn’t for Willie and ‘rich’ Uncle Elroy (Don ‘DC’ Curry) rescuing Day-Day and Craig there wouldn’t have been a third installment.

Next Friday was the first film produced by Cube Vision.   It co-starred Kym Whitley, Tamala Jones, Michael Blackson, Clifton Powell, Sticky Fingaz, Jacob Vargas, Justin Pierce, Lisa Rodriguez, Robin Allen, Amy Hill, Lobo Sebastian, Rolando Molina and Nicole Lydy.    It was directed by Steve Carr with music by Terrance Blanchard.

On a budget of $11 million, Next Friday grossed $57,328,603 domestically and $2,498,725 internationally for a worldwide box office of $59,827,328.

By Darryl “D’Militant” Littleton


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