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Eddie Murphy Set To Star In New ‘Dolemite’ Remake!

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We just discovered the news that actor and comedian Eddie Murphy is preparing to star and film in the new Dolemite remake!

According to our sources, Murphy is playing the lead role, such as Rudy Ray Moore did in the original film, and also like Moore, Murphy also co-wrote the film. FIlming is set to begin in a few weeks.

If you are familiar with the original 1975 film, Dolemite is a pimp and nightclub owner who is serving 20 years in prison after being set up by a rival, Willie Green. One day, his friend and fellow pimp Queen Bee helps him get out of jail, and plots with him to get revenge on Green by becoming an alter-ego, Dolemite. The film was a hit and Moore not only wrote the film, he also wrote its soundtrack. Moore was also a stand-up comedian, so this seems like a perfect fit for Murphy.

Since Dolemite, had two sequels, if successful, its a pretty safe bet that this vehicle could be a new franchise for Murphy.

No word yet if Murphy will be lending some of his music to the film, but this story is still developing.


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