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Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Comedy News | 1 comment

EXCLUSIVE-Comedian Tony Rock To Host New Jamie Foxx Sketch Comedy Show!

EXCLUSIVE-Comedian Tony Rock To Host New Jamie Foxx Sketch Comedy Show!

Last night at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, we were able to interview comedian Tony Rock who dropped a couple of exclusive news bits on us. Rock told us that he is hosting the new Jamie Foxx Sketch comedy show that is currently in pre-production for Showtime.

If you haven’t heard, Jamie Foxx exited the Affion Crockett show which premiered on FOX titled In The Flow (but he did stay on as Executive Producer) to launch his own sketch comedy show. Our sources told us that his exit from that show was due to creative differences, and that he had an opportunity to have a show on cable which according to our sources, was too good for Foxx to pass up. Foxx immediately went in to production on the show because he would be filming his new film Dejango Unchained around Thanksgiving.

Anyway, because of this, the ramp up happened quickly and Rock told us that Foxx saw him perform and loved him and bought him on board for the new show.

We will have more on this interview in it’s entirety next week! Stay tuned!

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  1. good luck you will do a great job hosting this show. god bless

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