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EXCLUSIVE- Morris Chestnut Lands Development Deal & New Show At BET!


According to our sources, BET is moving into unprecedented territory with several new and upcoming shows with several key actors who are known in the African American community as icons; and it seems that the first one up is actor Morris Chestnut!

We hear that Chestnut, who recently completed roles in Kick Ass 2 and Best Man Holiday, just closed a development deal with the network! It includes a starring vehicle for a show which he will star AND develop while also developing other upcoming projects with the network.

This is not new territory for Chestnut as he recently was one of the producers on the hit film Takers (which starred Idris Elba and Michael Ealy) and he also Executive Produced the film Not Easily Broken which he also starred with Taraji P Henson.

No word yet on what the shows are in development or the other projects, but stay tuned as this story is developing!

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  1. richard lewis

    Hard work does pay off . The entertainment biz whole different egg . A little luck , networking staying positive makes winners !! Congrads Morris .

  2. soulshadow55

    Wow, so well deserved. I can’t wait to see what comes to pass from that beautiful mind of his. We so desperately need fresh and interesting shows on our black networks. If I could make one suggestion, well maybe two suggestions: a good old fashioned but updated Western – maybe something about an all black town after the Civil War. But with black people who stick up for and protect each other. And a weekly R&B showcase with different singers every week and how about bringing back Cederic The Entertainer’s variety show. That was a great show that wasn’t really given the opportunity to shine.

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