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EXCLUSIVE- Sydney Castillo Gives Us An 'In Living Color' Update & Lands In New Show On Lifetime!

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Over the weekend during all of the festivities for the BET Awards 2012, we ran into comedian Sydney Castillo at Tony Rock’s Birthday Celebration in Hollywood. Castillo dropped some bombs on us; he gave us an update on what his journey was to get on the new season of In Living Color (if you didn’t already know, he was hired as one of the new cast members) and he he told us about his new show titled Prank My Mom on the Lifetime network.

Check out the complete interview here;

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  1. Carl

    Cool! soon can mean many things though….

  2. HarTOWN

    I wonder if he’s a writer or a on air talent!

  3. R.Malone

    If Kenean says he’s funny…he’s funny!

  4. Ant

    He probably don’t even know.

  5. F. Felix

    Sydney is funny & good looking!!! 😉

  6. I'mCoolin

    This basically this just got move views on youtube. No date given… aww 🙁

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