Flex Alexander Creates New Graphic Novel With Lion Forge Comics Titled ‘Joshua Run’!

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We hear that comedian Flex Alexander, who is an award-winning actor known for TV shows and movies such as One On One, Girlfriends, Snakes On A Plane, and the current reality series on the OWN network titled Flex & Shanice is about to launch a graphic novel titled Joshua Run!

We hear that Flex has partnered with co-creator of the project Brandon M. Easton, who is an Eisner Award-nominated writer and educator who currently works on the primetime television series, Marvel’s Agent Carter. Easton also wrote the 2012 ThunderCats animated series and the comic book series Watson and Holmes, and he is the author of several Lion Forge Comics titles including the upcoming graphic novel biography Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven.

Alexander and Easton are launching a new graphic novel titled Joshua Run, which is based around the character named David Joshua who is a hacker-for-hire who specializes in “equalizing” the world for working people — he erases student loans, parking tickets, and unfair tax debts. Despite his notions of being a modern “Robin Hood,” David wants to go legit by marrying his girlfriend and making his family proud. But during one of his final gigs, David stumbles across a hidden IRS database that reveals a conspiracy to trigger World War III. Suddenly, his accounts are frozen, his girlfriend hates him, and there’s literally no one who will take him at his word. His world shattered, David can only trust two things: his laptop, and a sarcastic FBI agent while on the run from a spec-ops strike team whose orders are to “kill on sight.”

We hear that the creators are planning on debuting the graphic novel next weekend at the New York Comic Con and we hear that there is talk of a new series possibly landing on television or maybe Netflix, or maybe a a web series. No word yet on which one, but the deal should be in place soon.

Stay tuned as this series is still developing.

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