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Halle Berry Returns To Her Comedy Roots With A New Film Titled 'Mother'!

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Halle-BerryIt was just announced the actress Halle Berry is returning to her comedy roots! This is good news since we haven’t seen her in a comedy film in awhile; her days of doing the Boomerang’s and BAP’s of the world seem to be gone as she has landed in a new film titled Mother, that’s set to go into production early next year.

According to reports, the film is to be produced by Berry’s manager Vincent Cirrincione and Emilio Ferrari, with financing coming from Ferrari’s Entertainment 7 shingle, via FCM Capital Partners.

The film Mother tells the story of a bride who leaves her mobster fiancée at the altar and has to go on the run. She pretends to be the mother of a young man, where she plans to hide out, to prevent capture. But, of course, things don’t all go as planned, and her wild and crazy nature, threatens to expose her, and turn her plans upside-down.

Not only will Berry star as the bride, she will also co-produce the film, and so far no director is attached to the project yet.

We hear that the production companies are starting to look for several comedic actors to join Berry in the new film, and we should hear some names pretty soon.

Up next for her, catch her reprising her role as Storm in X-Men: Days of Future Past next summer.

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