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Is Bill Bellamy's Late Night Talk Show Still On With CBS?

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As we have been reporting for several months, comedian Bill Bellamy was scheduled to drop a late night talk show with CBS Domestic soon, as he told us. But since then, Bellamy landed a role in the new sitcom Mr. Box Office with Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios and Arsenio Hall made a huge comeback on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice and won! After he won, the deal came out of nowhere that Hall is about to re-launch his new late night talk show The Arsenio Hall Show in the fall of 2013!

So, with that being said, the past couple of weeks we were trying to catch up with Bellamy to ask him if his show was sill on and if they would both be on right after one another, or if his show was pushed back to a later start date. Well, we got Bellamy to answer the question here in this interview – and more- where we caught up with him at the Improv in Houston, as our new host Carla Ja asks the questions and Bellamy gives the answers!

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  1. Ms Jenkins

    Really good interview w/Carla Ja talking to Bill Bellamy. It’s good to see him and all that he has coming up w/ this year particularly CBS.
    Very thorough from Carla Ja -nice!!!!!!!!
    Enjoyed it 🙂

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