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Is Billy Sorrells Coming To TV With A New Show?

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We discovered that comedian Billy Sorrells, who has made quite a name for himself in social media, is following the very few from being an internet sensation to being on television and in films!

Our sources have discovered some very interesting details!

We hear that a couple of days ago, Sorrells was caught filming a pilot titled Inside Out in Los Angeles that looked a little bit like a cross between In Living Color and maybe a little more of The Chappelle Show. The pilot consisted of stand up comedy performances, live sketches in front of a studio audience and also several taped sketches that were broadcast in front of the audience in-between sets. We hear that the was being Executive Produced by Marcus King (of King Management which is Jamie Foxx’s management) and had the assistance of veteran comedian Louis Dix.

Our sources tell us that King Management has the show lined up for a network broadcast premiere in the near future, but we are not sure which one -yet.

The show, Inside Out consisted of several other comedians such as Nate Jackson, Deric “Sleezy” Evans, Nnete Inyangumia, and DJ Energizer was the DJ that kept the pace of the show and the crowd entertained. When he wasn’t on the tables, there was a band (even though the band was only one man) named Seven.

The ingenious move of the show’s creators was to place former sketches that the cast previously produced and launched on YoiuTube to play in front of the audience during the show. The sketches had already gained hundreds of thousands of hits per video already and the producers knew that broadcasting them here should go over well, and they were right.

The sketches were;

The  Classy Ladies?

Performed by Courtney Cameron, Buddy Lewis and Nsa Ntuk.

You Don’t Know Me

Performed by Billy Sorrells and Spoken Reasons.

Hood Wars

Performed by Billy Sorrells and Donte Barrett.

But it doesn’t stop there; We also heard that there are several other things in development that Sorrells has with King as they are exploring several projects for films to move into development.

Anyway, the show is moving along and we will keep tabs on the show’s distribution. Look to probably see some more news about this shortly.

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