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Is Jamie Foxx Going To Regular Radio & Ditching Sirius?

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Word on the street is that actor actor and R&B singer Jamie Foxx may land on commercial radio. Our sources tell us that several companies are courting him, with plans to get him to dump the Sirius gig altogether and they are offering a substantial amount of cash. But there is no official word on this situation as of yet.

Our friends over at are stating that Foxx moving to do commercial radio would be the greatest threat to all current syndication shows as Jamie is younger, funnier and he would easily command the guests the others won’t get.  They also state Jamie is said to be sitting comfortably with the Foxxhole situation at Sirius radio where he is breaking ground with various radio shows including one show with cross dressing internet star B Scott.

More as this story develops.

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  1. ComedianStevieMack

    Radio is a tricky business, it’s all audio and the internet radio boom has generated a lot of listeners and hosts that satellite and terrestrial radio couldn’t or wouldn’t.

    The bottom line for most hosts is the money…sometimes you can get the money and retain creative control, Jamie Foxx can do both, retain creative control and demand a high salary, his celebrity status allows him to dictate the contract.

    I’ve been hosting/producing STEVIE MACK RADIO for over a year and have gotten a lot out of it, an international fan base, money and fun fun fun! Will I go to terrestrial or satellite radio? If the money is right and creative control can be retained….then again…if the money is right…heh heh..ya never know.

  2. DAVID


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