Is One Of Chris Tucker’s Newest Projects Going To Be A Stand Up Theatrical Film?

Published On September 20, 2011 » 1161 Views» Comedy News
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As you already know by now, comedian Chris Tucker has been touring the country since January, and thanks to the recent announcements that he made to The New York Times and Jet Magazine, he is planning on taking projects this year.

Some outlets even jumped the gun and reported that Tucker was set to star in two films instead of one. It was first reported that Tucker landed a role in David O. Russell’s The Silver Linings Playbook, and that he would play a mental patient and “spirited friend” to Bradley Cooper’s depressed high school teacher. This film still looks like it may happen.

It is NOT true that Tucker is set to star in the Akiva Schaffer-directed Neighborhood Watch, which he was supposed to play a suburban dad who—along with Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and Jonah Hill—accidentally uncovers an alien plot to destroy the world.

Regardless of all of that news, we hear that Tucker was touring because he planned on taping a comedy special for cable and DVD distribution, but that may change now because of the recent success of Kevin Hart’s latest stand up theatrical release of Laugh At My Pain. Word on the street is that’s the way Tucker is leaning now, so now the question will be when will the film drop?

As of now we can state that the special is happening so we will get back to you with more info as soon as we get it.

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