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Jamie Foxx Announces New Comedy Tour Titled ‘Kill The Comedian’!

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Jamie Foxx hosted the launch of Grey Goose’s Happy Hour at the Edition Hotel in Times Square on Tuesday where he served as bartender.

Guests were totally surprised to see the Oscar Winner behind the bar serving up drinks. The event was a part of his longstanding partnership with Grey Goose to promote the brand’s new “Live Victoriously platform” that encourages people to let loose and live in the moment.

The “Blame It On The Alcohol” singer served shots and martinis to patrons, and at one point in the festivities, Jamie started an impromptu freestyle rap battle.

During the event, he also announced his upcoming “Kill The Comedian” comedy tour to the party crowd. His return to the stage after 16 years was inspired by a conversation at Eddie Murphy’s house.

Foxx recalled having a conversation with a group of top comedians at Murphy’s house and that after that conversation with Murphy, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Jimmy Kimmel, he was “itching to get back out on the road.”

“I look to Rock to see what his take is on things. I look to Chappelle. I look to George Lopez, D.L. Hughley, all my guys. So I feel like I got a fresh take and a funny take,” Foxx added.

No dates for the tour have been announced yet.

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