Jamie Foxx Confirms New U.S. Stand Up Tour Coming And Heading To The U.K.!

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Jamie Foxx dropped by the KISS FM breakfast studio this week to speak to hosts Rickie, Melvin and Charlie about his new film Baby Driver.

While he was chatting to the trio, he revealed the details of one of his most legendary parties. Back when Drake has released his album Thank Me Later, Jamie threw him a party as he was new to the music scene. What Jamie wasn’t expecting, is that Drake would appear with over 2,000 girls in toe. He goes onto speak about interviewing Drake on the balcony of his home at the party, when Drake breaks out into song to the 2,500 strong crowd. Finally, the night was rounded off with a concert pianist playing Drake’s hits from the album.

Jamie is set to hit the road on his new stand up tour this year, he revealed the set includes stories from meeting some of the most influential icons of our time including; Kanye West, Barak Obama and John Legend. The tour has been confirmed to be coming to the UK.

Not only has he been working on his stand up, Jamie also has a new film in the pipeline. Having spent $5million of his own money on directing this ‘little film’ he is also putting the sound track together himself. He also revealed he has asked Baby driver co-star Ansel Elgort to feature on the sound track.

Finally, Jamie spoke about listening to Ansel Elgort’s music and being nervous that it wouldn’t be good. Luckily for Ansel though, Jamie loved the music and praised his voice and so didn’t have to deliver his killer line. When Jamie isn’t a fan of someone’s music, he simply says ‘do you want to get something to eat?’

Jamie on listening to bad music… “I have a thing when the music is not good, I say, let’s get something to eat. You want to get a bite? Do you want to get a bite? And when this [Ansel] dude played his music, I said, money. I’m like a proud father in a sense that I’m watching this kid do something that Hollywood hasn’t done in while.”

Jamie on his stand up… “Yeah, I’m doing it. I’ve got stand up, I’m coming to the UK. There is a section in my stand up about all the stories of me meeting Kanye, Barrack, and John Legend for the first time at the dinner table. There’s a section where the lights go down and we just tell all of these stories.”
Jamie on new music and new film… “We have music that we’re doing. I directed this little film, it cost me about five million dollars to direct and it’s a comedy. Since we ran all our money and our budget, we’re doing our own sound track. I’ve also asked Ansel if he could bless us with a track.”

Jamie on throwing a party for Drake… “I did a party for the Drake years ago, his first album and every time an artist does something dope I bring him to the house and we celebrate. Drake shows up, 2,500 people showed up. 2,000 girls.
I said those people wanna say hi to you, so I take him on the balcony and do an interview, I said you got to perform. He said, oh, man what I do. I said, just lean over the balcony. So, he leaned over the balcony and went, “I’m more than just an option …” [first line from his song Find Your Love.]
Four o’clock in the morning I had a concert pianist show up and play all of his music, unplugged.”

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