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Jamie Foxx Gives The Latest Update Of The Mike Tyson Biopic

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Jamie Foxx is a master impressionist, as we all know from his hilarious comedy bits and Oscar-winning performance as Ray Charles. But if you saw his 1999 comedy Held Up, you knew it was only a matter of time before Jamie accepted the role he’s been preparing his whole life to play: “Iron” Mike Tyson.

Sadly, Foxx’s A-1 impression of Mike from Held Up isn’t available on YouTube. But he did give Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning a killer preview of his version of Mike that could sell out a few theaters without a trailer.

Both Foxx and Tyson have confirmed the project is happening, and the legendary Martin Scorsese is directing. “Filming hasn’t started yet but it’s going to happen,” said Tyson, adding, “A lot of people aren’t going to like the things I’ve done in my life.”

Sources also say that “Mike knows it is Jamie’s dream to play him and they have talked about gym work and how he could put him through his paces. The only thing is if they go sparring and Mike connects, Jamie may never make any movie again.

Source: Global Grind

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