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Jamie Foxx Kicks Off Star-Packed Line-Up For Queen Latifah's New Talk Show Starting Tonight!

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John Travolta, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sharon Stone, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx will appear as guests on the Queen’s new TV show.

Queen Latifah is all set to kick off her brand new syndicated television show, which starts tonight on channels across the USA, including CBS. The first show will almost be a Hairspray reunion for the musical’s actress who starred alongside John Travolta in the 2007 comedy and will now welcome him as her very first guest on this evening’s show premiere.

In fact, it was actor Will Smith who first offered Queen Latifah, AKA Dana Owens, her show and his company is producing the series. “I was on vacation in London having a Guinness about two years ago. I get a call from my business partner and he was letting me that Overbrook and Sony had a real proposal to do a talk show with me. Will and Jada are friends of ours for many years,” says Latifah, speaking via USA Today.

“This to me was the first actually interesting offer of doing a talk show. It was a partnership and not just about money. We worked everything out. We got the best people we could and built a great set. I’ve been getting more proficient at being an interviewer,” she revealed.

This won’t be the 43 year-old singer’s first foray into talkshow hosting: fans of daytime TV may remember the first The Queen Latifah Show that ran from 1999 to 2001. The R&B singer reveals she’s learned a lot from that experience and wants to build a different show after her first became “a little too heavy, a little too serious. It started to feel like it wasn’t as me as it should be.” She’s referring to the confessional aspect of talkshows, which can sometimes creep in, and now says it’s something she wants to avoid.

“I know what I’m comfortable with and what I’m not. It’s what I feel is private to me and my family and my friends. It’s what I share with the public. That’s been something I decided a long time ago. It’s not a new thing,” she said, adding “What I think is my private business will stay private.”

Though Latifah might have an enviably star-studded first season ahead of her, she confessed that she’s looking for even bigger names to be interviewed on her show, including President Obama, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Coldplay and Kings of Leon. If you can dream it…

By: Lauren James

Source: Cnntact Music

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