Jamie Foxx Spits Freestyle With Snoop Dogg On Sway In The Morning!

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Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx visited Sway in the Morning on Wednesday and spoke about a number of topics. At one point, the hip-hop stars compare today’s acts with rap veterans. Sway asks Snoop what he thinks about the disconnect between the current generation and the rap legends who built the game, such as Tupac. Rapper Lil Xan was famously bullied by the internet for claiming that ‘Pac’s music was boring.

Miscommunication, speaking different languages, and no history,” Snoop explains. “If you’re not teaching about the greats, how can you say he’s great. We know he’s great ’cause we grew with him. But the young generation didn’t get nothing but a few pictures, a couple of stories, a couple of tv shows. But not really the insight on who this man was.” Snoop continues on to blame his generation, the elders, for not properly teaching the next generation about the importance of hip-hop legends and heroes.

Moving on to a lighter topic, Sway asks both Jamie Foxx and Snoop to lay down a freestyle for him. Instead of creating a traditional bar for bar rap freestyle, the two craft a song around a soulful instrumental instead. “Bound to get you on your knees/ Hennessy and smoking weed/ with Snoop,” croons Jamie in his silky smooth tone. Snoop then lays down an impromptu verse. “It’s like Shade 1,2,3,4,5/ Snoop Dogg, with Jamie Foxx on my side/ I got Sway to the right, Heather B, where you at?/ Snoop Dogg ’bout to drop a rap,”the veteran begins. The pair shared the mic as Snoop rapped and Jamie added R&B ad libs behind him to create a freestyle song that will get stuck in your head.

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