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JB Smoove’s Comedic Role In ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Proves To Be Enthusiastic!

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In case you haven’t seen the latest Disney/Marvel film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, you should stop reading this article right now.

But if you have seen the film then everything in this article you will probably agree with; comedian and actor JB Smoove (of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm‘) pulled off the comic relief role in the film with ease!

In the film, Smoove plays one of the teachers, named Julius, who accompanies the students-including Peter Parker (played brilliantly by Tom Holland) and his friends- on a European trip, and as you know Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) shows up with the Elementals and the battle ensues. Spider-Man spends the entire film trying to keep his friends out of danger, while also trying to give Mary Jane (Zendaya) a necklace and a first kiss, while Smoove always has a comeback one-liner during said ruckus (no pun intended for the Smoove fans).

Smoove does an excellent job of pulling off the teacher with his comedic timing that you almost forget that there’s danger afoot; especially because there are so many comedic parts in the film.

Smoove even has a memorable part in the hotel that definitely kept the funny pace of the film.

When the film finally concludes, we have to admit we were expecting some more from Smoove but we can say that there’s no way he can’t be involved in the next film because the fans seemed to love his performance and his comedic timing. It would be a very noticeable absence if he’s NOT included in the film. Kudos for Smoove to land the role and to actually keep pace with the other actors and not just being a role to fit the quota.

Anyway, what did you think about the film? Tell us your thoughts and comment in the section below!


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