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Katt Williams Claims Former Employees Stole $59 Million From Him!

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Katt Williams recently sat down with Jemele Hill for her “Unbothered” podcast, where he revealed that his former employees stole $59 million from him.

Williams explained the situation starting at the 9:45 mark, “In my search for who was the enemy that was causing all these things to repeatedly happen to me over and over again when they shouldn’t,  we uncovered that it was actually my people that was involved. We didn’t really know that until the Department of Justice started indicting these people for the embezzlement of $59 million from Katt Williams.”

Katt fired the employees after learning of the theft and he revealed that some of them tried to blackmail him in return. The comedian added that he was almost caught up in the embezzlement case, stating, “They thought I had found some way to sequester the funds until they actually dug in and realized ‘why would I be money laundering my own money.’ It’s been a lot, and a lot of it you can’t really talk about. It’s ongoing.”

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