Katt Williams Not At Fault For Punching Teen: He Was ‘Provoked’ — Eyewitness

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Comedian Katt Williams just can’t catch a break. The troubled funny man was involved in yet another altercation on March 22, in Georgia, but this time, he wasn’t at fault, an eyewitness tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Keep reading to learn how Katt was set up.

Katt Williams, 42, may not be the one to blame for his latest fight, which was filmed and has since gone viral. Fans on Twitter have been going after Katt for getting his clock-cleaned by a teenager in the shaky cell phone footage, but was this skirmish planned out by the teen? Yes, an eyewitness to the fight tells HollywoodLife.com.

“That kid purposefully provoked Katt Williams into the fight,” explains Balencia Young, a local in Gainesville, Georgia where Katt engaged in the fight. “He told all his friends way in advance that he was going to get in [Katt’s] face, talk smack and not back down until Katt hit him.” Wow, that is not cool.

“He told his friends he was going to get in the fight with Katt and he told them all to film it,” explains Balencia about the situation, which has prompted local authorities to launch a criminal investigation.

“He knew Katt was a loose cannon and an easy target, as he has been in a lot of trouble lately,” Balencia says. It’s still unclear what was said to provoke Katt, but it does sound like everything was pretty well planned out. The video alone is evidence that someone knew something was about to go down. But does any of that make punching someone in the face OK?

Fighting is never a good option. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Who is at fault here? Was Katt out of line or do you think the younger kid should be held accountable too?

Source: Hollywood Life

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