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Keenen Ivory Wayans: 'In Living Color' Looks To Not Be Returning to TV!

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As we reported several months ago, comedian, director and actor Keenen Ivory Wayans confirmed this news with Access Hollywood on the red carpet last week on the red carpet for The Eddie Murphy One Night Only tribute by Spike TV.

Check out what Wayans had to say when asked about In Living Color:

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  1. Carlito

    wow 🙁

  2. I'mCoolin

    I mean we all knew it was coming. It was a good run while it lasted.

  3. Georgie-O

    It was for the best. Comedy needs a “In living color-like” show these days but it’s like SNL in the sense where no matter how talented the people on the show ARE people still say the original “not ready for prime time players” are still the best I think it was because it’s like a remaking the Godfather or Casablanca.

    It could just be people aren’t as funny now as they were. What’s that old saying? there’s nothing new under the sun?People are “funny” but nobody is taking chances or soing anything ground breakingly original because it’s all been done Or it seems familiar. It could also be that some people are funny but not good actors. Ricky Smiley is FUNNY but his tv Show sucks. Tyler Perry isn’t funny…but MADEA makes people laugh. It makes you appreciate Eddie Murphy, Martin, Jim Carrey, Robin Williams who were funny on stage, tv and movies and are versatile. Kevin Hart love him or hate him seems to have that quality love him or not!

  4. AdAMAnTiUm***

    Why wait almost 20 years to bring it back? just make another show. I agree w/ Georgie-O we do need another in living color these days. So much to talk about!

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