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Last night there was an interesting story that developed on Twitter. It seems that comedian Kevin Hart, who everyone knows as the most mild mannered person and one of the best comedians in the world on and off the stage, got completely upset about an interview that was conducted by a magazine with promoter Walter Latham.

If you are unfamiliar with Walter Latham, he is the promoter and founder of The Original Kings Of Comedy and The Original Queens Of Comedy, and also the Executive Producer of The  Bad Boys of Comedy. Currently he is the Producer of a new Youtube Channel titled Comedy After Dark.

Now, after some digging, it seems that Latham stated to this magazine several comments that really bothered Hart. As a matter of fact, here is the posting that Hart posted in regards to Latham’s statements via his Twitter account;

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  1. Stevie Mack

    Bwahahahaaaa… Kevin went on hard and heavy!

  2. luenell

    I’m sure comic legend “Miss Laura” Hayes would agree w/u whole hartedly Kevin about Mr. Latham. It is My understanding that he talked to her so badly, w/held funds and treated her so poorly during the Queens of Comedy Tour, that stress nearly took her out and she quit comedy All TOGETHER, never to pick up a mic again to do that art form which she used to love and ultimately brought her to the attention of the general public! Shame on u Walter Lathan. Bullying is SO 1975…..Not cool brotha…..not cool…..

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