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Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Launches Brand New Scripted Comedy Series, ‘The Donors’

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The 7-Episode Comedy Set in the Tech Start-Up Scene Explores How Far a Group of Aspiring Female Founders Will Go to Fund Their Game-Changing App.

Laugh Out Loud, the comedy brand and multi-platform network founded by Kevin Hart,  announced the premiere of “The Donors,” an all-new female-driven scripted comedy series starring  Skye Townsend, Sarah Davenport, and Carlie Craig.

The 7-episode series follows a trio of tech start-up founders who are on the verge of launching their game-changing app that will help women avoid dating pitfalls, but when their funding gets cut at the last minute, the women hatch a radical plan to self-fund their company by selling their eggs.

In 2018, all female-founded companies raised just 2.88 billion dollars split across 482 different companies, covering just 2.2% of the $130 billion total in venture capital money invested over the year.  This series presents an absurd and comedic take on just how challenging it can be for an all-female company to secure investment funding.

The premiere episode is available today on Laugh Out Loud’s app, website and Facebook Watch channel, with new episodes, airing weekly.  Viewers can also tune-in to the LaughOutLoud Facebook page for a live Watch Party and Panel Q&A with the cast taking place at 6:00 PM PT.


  • Watch the Premiere Episode HERE
  • Check out the Series Trailer HERE

New episodes will premiere weekly on the Laugh Out Loud Facebook Watch channel, Laugh Out Loud app and

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