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Marlon Wayans And Busta Rhymes Bust Out Into Freestyle Battle

Comedy News

TMZ recently caught Busta Rhymes battling Marlon Wayans with some fierce bars on camera.

The two were standing outside surrounded by a cheering crowd in the clip. Wayans apparently sparked the battle by calling Busta out. Busta responded with, “You call me out and you ain’t got no bars,” adding,” You ain’t got no bars. Your forehead is looking like a bunch of bumper cars.”

Wayans comes back with some heat, “Yo Busta. Your s*** is stagnant. I thought you was 8 months pregnant,” which garnered cheers from the crowd.

Busta jumped into his next barrage of rhymes, “You just a greedy whore. Got no pity for. How many n***as like you? That stay down with sh*tty whores.” Wayans countered by saying the veteran rapper looked like the “black Shrek.” It looked like Busta had enough at that point as the clip came to a close.

This isn’t the first time the two worked together. Back when Marlon was on his show “The Wayans Bros.,” Busta made a cameo in the episode titled “Busta Saves the Day” which aired in 1998. Busta helped Marlon and his brother Shawn score some tickets to his concert in the episode.

SOurce- TMZ/Vlad

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