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Marlon Wayans Debuts Brand New Halloween Sketch For His New Website Venture Titled 'What The Funny'!

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As we reported, comedian and actor Marlon Wayans is in the process of launching an urban version of  the Funny Or Die website, as his new site is titled What The Funny. We hear the new website will be a combination of stand up and tons of sketch comedy, and mostly a domain where comedians will be given the space to do whatever it is they do best, whether it’s six seconds on Vine, YouTube stand up or sketch all at one domain.

Wayans  is launching the site with Funny or Die founder Randy Adams, producer Peter Coleman as COO, and film producer Rick Alvarez (of A Haunted House, Dance Flick, and White Chicks fame).

Now it seems that Wayans and his team have dropped the their debut video of the site 108 days ahead of their official launch. Our sources have stated that the What The Funny team is trying to make the new site the grounds for a ‘In Living Color of the web’.

Check out their new video below:

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    Lmmfao …funny as hell

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