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NBC’s 'Today Show' Salutes Comedic Actor Lester Speight!


LesterNBC’sToday Show” salutes “J” Spot comedic actor Lester Speight!

On an “Where are they now” episode of the “Today Show”, the NBC news show saluted some of the most memorable characters starring in Super Bowl commercials.  If you watched Super Bowl Super Bowl XXXVII you no doubt saw USFL draftee (the USFL collapsed before he could play), Global Wrestling Federation and Catch Wrestling Association star “Rasta the Voodoo Man” Lester Speight.

Speight starred as the fictional “Office Athlete” “Terrible” Terry Tate, #56 Office Linebacker (a.k.a. “The Pain Train” and. “Triple T”) who was also in charge of office supplies for the fictional company “Fletcher and Sons”.  In the very popular comedic commercial series, The 6’5″ 300lbs Tate, violently “sacked” office employees who violated even minor office rules.

Once “sacked” Tate would scream lines like: “Cause game time is pain time!”, “Don’t bring that weak-ass stuff up in this humpy-bumpy”, “You can’t cut the cheese wherever you please!”,   and “You kill the Joe … you make some mo’!” Tate would then leave the dazed employees with a loud “WOOH! Bitch!”  Tate is frequently interviewed from his “office” in a supply closet.

The popular series included several parodies like OSPN, a parody of ESPN.  The Tate character also appeared on the ESPN comedy parody “Mayne Street”.  Tate is also featured keeping Pro Bowl players straight in Hawaii.

Lester Speight landed a recurring role on Damon Wayan’s  series “My Wife And Kids” and is currently hosting a comedy show at J Anthony Brown’s “J” Spot comedy club.

By: Tyrone Wicks

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