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On This Day In Comedy… In 2006, Comedy Central Airs ‘Chappelle Show–The Lost Episodes’!



Despite its namesake host abandoning the show that made him a comedy icon, the network Dave Chappelle put on the map broadcast skits from the unaired, incomplete 3rd season and dubbed them “The Lost Episodes”.   They were a result of Chappelle fleeing after hearing a too hard laugh at one of his racial remarks.  It was one of those laughs that only a comedian can distinguish as not laughing with me, but at me.

In his permanent absence, Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings served as hosts.  When asked about his attitude towards such an unprecedented move, Rawlings response was,

“I’m a loyal person, but I know that as a professional, I’ve got to keep my career going, and I felt it was an opportunity for me, for people [to] see what I do as funny … without knowing what Dave Chappelle’s agenda is, the reasons why he left, with no communication saying, ‘Hey guys, I feel this way. I would much rather you not be a part of this process.’ Had I had a conversation with Dave like that then there’s a possibility that I would reconsider me hosting it.”


By Darryl ‘D’ Militant’ Littleton

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