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When it comes to casino scenes in movies, most people will think of thrillers like the James Bond movies, or heist capers like Ocean’s Eleven. In these films casino gambling scenes are utilised for the combination of the glamorous setting and escalating tension that they can provide, while elsewhere – as with the likes of Rain Man and Casablanca – they can provide moments of crucial character development. With the rise of sites such as casinos are becoming a regular feature in all film genres. There have also been a number of comedy movies that have used casino scenes, either in the interests of parody, silliness or character comedy.
One really good example of a casino scene in a comedy movie is the one in the first Austin Powers film from 1997. This is intended as a parody of the more outlandish Bond casino scene clichés, and features the character of Number Two – played by the splendidly suave Robert Wagner – cheating at blackjack using an x-ray eye patch. This is funny in its own right, but also succeeds in mocking the ever more ridiculous gadgets used by both Bond and his enemies, and which the Casino Royale reboot in 2006, sought to get away from.

Another comedy film to feature a great casino scene is Swingers – which is not particularly surprising as most of this indie hit from 1996 is set in Las Vegas. The scene in question features Vince Vaughan’s character Trent attempting to help his friend Mike (Jon Favreau) over a break-up by taking him to Vegas and into a game of blackjack. The comedy arises from his attempt to prove himself a high roller by putting down $300, only to find that the game itself has a minimum betting level of $100, leaving him stuck in a game which is way beyond his means. Here the casino scene is all about showing the good natured ridiculousness of Trent, and his deluded self image, through comedy.

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