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Samuel L. Jackson Jumps Into Television With New Series!


While we were away, we got several emails of the newest project from veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson, and it looks like he is about to jump into television!

Our sources have stated to us that Jackson is producing a detective drama for the CW network and that he has several other projects out to other networks, and there has been some extreme interest in those projects.

The industry trade magazine Variety even reported this news, stating that the new project from Jackson titled Hackshaw, is moving quickly.

Hackshaw follows a young twenty-something man who believes he’s a relative of Sherlock Holmes, while the character’s psychiatrist believes he suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

A young, strikingly beautiful police officer will develop a professional relationship, with Hackshaw to help her solve crimes. But where there are opposites, there is attraction. Critics say look out for sexual tension between the two and possibly the psychiatrist.

No more details have been released, and we hear that casting is almost underway for the project.

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  1. Sammy L. Jackson

    I’m looking forward to seeing Samuel L.Jackson projects.great actor of all times.

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