Sheryl Underwood Unleashes ‘Queens of Comedy’ Secret On 'The Talk'!

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SheryIt has been quite a week of talking on “The Talk.” The five co-hosts of the CBS daytime chatfest have been dishing their deepest, darkest secrets, and on Thursday’s episode Sheryl Underwood was in the hot seat. But it may be three fellow comedy queens who are feeling the heat.

See HERE: http://www.cbs.com/shows/the_talk/video/D4CCECA3-916A-99C4-2B4B-8A8305C6EF14/the-talk-sheryl-underwood-unleashes-queens-of-comedy-secret/

Underwood revealed that back in the 1990s, she was up for a part on “The Queens of Comedy” tour, Walter Latham’s female spinoff of “The Kings of Comedy. “ But Underwood said before she had a chance to accept the role, she overheard three stars of the show talking smack about her on a conference call.

Underwood said urban comics Laura Hayes, Adele Givens and Sommore were trash talking her comedic abilities – and her appearance — without realizing she was on the line. Underwood later called show creator Walter Latham and told him she didn’t think the part would be the right fit for her. The comedian also said that she has worked with Hayes and Givens since the incident, but up until now, the three women did not know that she overheard the phone call.

After revealing her secret, Underwood insisted that she’s not angry or upset at her peers over the phone call that she happened upon 20 years ago. “I decided instead of being angry and vengeful, I took the truth and made myself even better,” she said. Laura Hayes, Adele Givens and Sommore have not yet commented on Underwood’s story.

Underwood’s secret follows the bombshell confessions of her co-stars on “The Talk.” Earlier this week, Us Weekly posted video of Julie Chen’s shocking secret, which had her revealing that her grandfather was a polygamist. “He had nine wives, six of whom bore him children. He had 11 children that we know of, countless mistresses,” the 44-year-old TV journalist said on Tuesday.

And on Monday, Aisha Tyler revealed that she got into drugs as a teen and was actually kicked out of high school. Sharon Osbourne dished that when she first met her husband Ozzy she declared that she loved him so much that she would give her life for him. After a night of heavy drinking, Osbourne pretended to superficially cut her wrists with a steak knife, but the wounds went deeper than he had planned. She ended up in a psychiatric ward on lockdown because authorities treated the accident incident like a suicide attempt. Osbourne said she had never even told her children about the incident.

Sara Gilbert is next up for “The Talk’s” Secrets Week, but she already spilled one secret this season. On “The Talk” premiere week, the former child star announced she is pregnant with her third child.

“The Talk” airs weekdays on CBS.

Source: The Examiner!

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