Steve Harvey Announces An End To Comedy Tours?

Published On September 6, 2011 » 141 Views» Comedy News
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This morning during his nationally syndicated morning show, comedian, actor, and radio personality Steve Harvey announced an end to his comedy tours; for a while at least.

For those of you who are unaware, Harvey has come to this conclusion because Harvey recently landed a deal that would see him launch a new day-time talk show for syndication! As we stated previously, our sources told us that this show idea had been in the works for several months and was planned to launch sometime late this year or at the beginning of next year.

With that being said, Harvey plans to continue to do the Morning show and the TV show and will have little time to do anything else. For now, Harvey has announced that the final dates on the road will be titled The Appreciation Tour, as he stated he “will be giving back to the fans”.

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