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Steve Harvey Announces Plans To Send 7 Young Black Men To College During Series Finale Of His Talk Show

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Comedian, author and talk show host Steve Harvey has wrapped up his self-titled daytime talk show with a promise to help seven high school students.

During the final episode of Steve, the 62-year-old reflected on the impact his show had on viewers’ lives, People Magazine reports.

Earlier this year, several reports announced the 7-year-old daytime show was canceled. NBC delivered the news in May along with plans to replace him with a Kelly Clarkson show. Steve was considered a top-five hit daytime program that reportedly averaged 1.8 million viewers a week.

The series finale also featured a guest appearance by Bishop T.D. Jakes and a grand surprise. Harvey and his foundation will send seven Ohio teens to Kent State University. The number seven may represent the number of years Steve was on the air. However, the New York Times best-selling writer did not specify.

“I’ve got seven boys that I want you to meet,” he said. “Today, my wife and I, our foundation and Omega Psi Phi fraternity, we’re sending seven African American boys to the same school [Kent State University] I flunked out of.”

Harvey phrased his journey so far as chapters of a book. Before fame, he was homeless and struggling to be a top-notched comedian. Those hard times made him who he is today, he said.

“See, your life ain’t nothing but a book,” he continued. “I happen to be 62 years old. I am in the middle of my 62nd chapter of the book that I’m writing. I’ve had some good chapters, had some bad chapters, had some chapters that lasted a little bit longer than I wanted [them] to.”

Around late May, there were rumors the seasoned host would get another shot. Variety reported Harvey may have a new show on a “digital platform, possibly with Facebook.”

“But in this 62nd chapter, I’ve got my finger on the corner of the page. All I’m doing is about to turn it. I can’t wait to see what God got for me on that other page,” he said.

Source: Blavity

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