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Steve Wilson Of 'The DL Hughley Radio Show' Launching Several New Comedy Ventures!

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STeve Wilson1Another comedian who has been flying under the radar for several years (actually almost 28 years to be exact) is Buffalo native, comedian Steve Wilson. If you are a fan of The DL Hughley Radio Show, then you are probably very familiar with the name. Wilson, who has been on every comedy show that you can think of, is one of the co-hosts of the show along with DL Hughley and Jasmine Sanders.

With that being said, we discovered that Wilson is about to step out and produce some other shows in comedy- and then some. Up first is his new comedy tour with comedian Guy Torry titled The Dr Jeckyll And Mr Hyde Comedy Tour. We hear that Wilson and Torry plan to start out the tour at several smaller venues with the plan to eventually build up the momentum to get to bigger venues. As of this writing they will be at several comedy venues nationally such as The Funny Bone and several Improv’s. The dates for these events will be unveiled shortly.

Wilson is also about to make a quick appearance in an episode of Tosh.o on Comedy Central that we hear is airing in February. According to our sources, Wilson is said to have left quit an impression on host Daniel Tosh and may come back again.

That’s not the only television appearance by Wilson; he is said to be one of six comedians who will all appear on a new special with host Andrew Dice Clay debuting in March. For the special, Wilson will be on stage performing stand up which will be part of the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Series.

Lastly, we hear that Wilson is about to debut something that may change the comedy game; he is about to produce a comedy show in New York in March that will also combine music and travel the country. Unlike other comedy shows that now have music with each show, Wilson is taking his show a little further as he will eventually have each show produced in a city where The DL Hughley Radio Show is broadcast in. The thought here is to bring in his listening audience to the show and to try to capture them in every market (the show is currently being broadcast in 56 cities). The show will have a popular R&B singer to captivate the audience, and since it’s being sponsored by Hennessy, you can expect some major acts to stop by.

What’s on the horizon? Well, we know there are a couple of deals on the table that will drop soon that can’t be mentioned but they should close soon.  In the meantime we will continue to watch Wilson’s comedy career climb.

This story is still developing!

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