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Supreme Court Rules Against Byron Allen In Comcast Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

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Byron Allen’s $20 billion racial discrimination case against Comcast has gotten a little tougher as the Supreme Court sides with Comcast in a unanimous ruling Monday.

The Court states that Allen “must prove that racial bias was the sole cause the cable giant refused to carry his TV channels,” as reported by The Wrap. The case has now been put back to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

A Comcast representative said in part to The Wrap in a statement, “We are pleased the Supreme Court unanimously restored certainty on the standard to bring and prove civil rights claims.”

But in his statement, Allen said in part that the ruling “is harmful to the civil rights of millions of Americans,” calling the day “a very bad day for our country.” Allen also assured supporters he will continue fighting “by going to Congress and the presidential candidates to revise the statute to overcome this decision by the United States Supreme Court, which significantly diminishes our civil rights.”

Allen initially filed his lawsuit in 2015, alleging that the company refused to license his Entertainment Studios Networks channels such as Cars TV, Pets TV and criminal justice channels because of Allen’s race.

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